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Подготовка к IELTS Graph Description: существительное (noun) “DECREASE”

Оптимальные глаголы (verbs) и прилагательные (adjectives) для существительного DECREASE при описании графиков и таблиц.

dramatic decrease

There has been a dramatic decrease in the number of suicides among prisoners.

There was a dramatic decrease in the number of potential traffickers in the country in 1990.

A dramatic decrease in prices and an increase in the value of the local currency have been reported.

The information provided in the visual shows dramatic decrease in return on net assets during the period under consideration.

The funds  experienced a dramatic decrease in value during 2008 and did not recuperate until 2015.

In 1994 there was a dramatic decrease in the gross domestic product by two thirds.

The graph shows that certain countries in the region  have experienced a dramatic decrease in the number of cases of malaria.

As is shown, there has been a dramatic decrease in the production output of the CI (about 40%).

There was a dramatic decrease in the maximum permitted rate, which immediately dropped between 12 and 14 percentage points.

large decrease

The construction sector has sustained a large decrease (-9,4%).

Another 30% of the companies reported a stable situation, while the remaining 10% reported a large decrease in 2000.

There was a large decrease, 4.9%, in the participation of the 15-19 age group in unemployed women.

The weighted average employment rate exhibited a different trend, with a large decrease in the first part of the year and a small upswing in the second.

There has been a large decrease in the number of reported allegations involving military personnel, with 19 reported in 2012, as compared with 41 reported in both 2011 and 2010.

A large decrease in poverty, as a result of a 35% increase in employment, is projected to take place in 2020.

Both branches of industry demonstrated an equally large decrease (6.01 points) over six consecutive years (1999-2004).

There was also a large decrease in the number of fishing licences withdrawn (only 335 compared to 1,226 in 2004).

There was a large decrease in the horse population in the 1980s.

There can be seen a clear discrepancy between a large decrease in cultivation and a relatively small decrease in production.

sharp decrease

As the graph shows, in the early 1990s there was a sharp decrease in both passenger and freight traffic.

Data for 1990-2000 show a sharp decrease in disbursements between 1990 and 1993.

Since January 2017 and until the time of reporting, the rate of return showed a sharp decrease of 65 per cent compared with the same period in 2013.

November and December 2008 witnessed a sharp decrease in the quantity of goods, cash and personnel allowed into Gaza.

This current level, however, also represents a sharp decrease in the intake of female personnel, compared to that at the inception in 2002.

The excess of income over expenditures indicated a sharp decrease in net income over the same two bienniums of 11 per cent and 58 per cent, respectively.

This coincided with a sharp decrease in the market share of the exporting producers from the countries concerned, namely from 29.3 % to 12.4 %.

A sharp decrease in the number of irradiated dietary supplements is expected in 2025.

Given statistics point to a sharp decrease in exported volumes throughout the whole period.

significant decrease

In Western Europe there was a significant decrease in anthropogenic base cation emissions during the 1970s.

Interest rates started a significant decrease, after mild increases between May and September, and early in 1996 dropped to the level of early 1995.

During the 2012-2013 biennium, and particularly in 2012, UNICRI was impacted by a significant decrease in unearmarked contributions to the general-purpose fund.

Although that was a significant decrease, the overall number of companies registered in the British Virgin Islands remained about 410,000.

Unpaid peacekeeping assessments had risen steadily since 1990, despite a significant decrease in the level of peacekeeping activity.

There has been a significant decrease in food items in the besieged areas during the previous month, particularly infant milk.

Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka also saw a significant decrease in the incidence of poverty over the whole period.

In 2000, even the regions that had previously shown high fertility rates, experienced a significant decrease.

Throughout the reporting period, a significant decrease was observed in all kinds of incidents.

There had already been a significant decrease in mortality among the Yanomami, from over 200 deaths in 1992 to 131 in 1995.

There was a significant decrease in procurement, project management, finance and human resources matters in 2011 as compared to 2010.

Turnout for the elections in 2013 was at around 42 per cent of the 1.5 million registered voters, a significant decrease compared with the General National Congress elections of July 2012.

The situation changed, however, in 2010, with a significant decrease in the number of security incidents and attacks against humanitarian workers.

Therefore, a significant decrease (to zero) of the quantity used and the number of uses can be expected by 2020.

slight decrease

Only in the case of the humanities has there been a slight decrease in the number of women.

9-month data available for 1998 show a slight decrease in the number of road accidents and casualties (-0.6%).

Similarly, a slight decrease in criminal activities was noticed.

At 40 mg/kg, a slight decrease in hatchability, reduction in eggshell thickness and increase of percentage of cracked eggs is observed.

During 2001, a slight decrease to approximately US$ 5.5 per kilogram can be noted.

The graphic presents a peak in 1994-1996 followed by a slight decrease.

Compared with a similar period last year, there was a slight decrease, from 131 to 106, in the number of formal meetings.

The figure for economically active women stood at about 14 per cent in 1998, representing a slight decrease.

There has been a slight decrease in the number of women working full-time.

Mexico registered a slight decrease in heroin seizures (263 kg).

However, a slight decrease in the extrabudgetary resources available is foreseen for the biennium 2020-2021.

This represents a slight decrease from 31 cases involving 41 victims, including 12 minors, in the previous reported decade.

small decrease

small decrease of coarse PM levels can be observed in 2007 – 2008 compared with the period 2000 – 2006.

The June figure represents a small decrease from early May when the reported number of displaced persons was 2.6 million.

Though there was a small decrease in abuse of opioids in 2015, the long-term trend remained relatively stable.

Government secondary schools showed a small decrease from 12.6 to 12.4 students per teacher over the same period.

A small decrease is expected in HCFC emissions in 5 countries.

small decrease of coarse PM levels has been observed in 2007 – 2008 compared with the period 2000 – 2006.

There was, however, a small decrease in the income, a 5.4 per cent drop.

Regular resources income fell from 1996 to 1999, followed by small increases in 2000 and 2001, and a small decrease in 2002.

The small decrease in emissions from fuel combustion in 2010 was mainly due to the decrease in emissions from the manufacturing and “other” sector by 7 and 3 per cent respectively.

Delivery, overall, declined in 1998 by 7 per cent from the level in 1997, to slightly less than US$ 22 million, of which less than 37 per cent was directed towards the least developed countries, another small decrease from the previous year.

Compared with the original estimate of $389,900, there is a small decrease of $37,400 under these items.

As shown in the table, requirements for jointly financed security and safety were estimated at $9,302,700 before recosting, reflecting a small decrease of $2,700 as compared with the appropriation of $9,305,400 for the biennium 2000-2001.

The revised requirements amount to $1,556,600, reflecting a small decrease of $1,700.

The total figure for 1996 represents a small decrease from the end-1995 figure.

Generally, in 2008 a relatively small decrease (10-15%) in the M&A market took place – both in the number and value of deals – in comparison with 2007.

gradual decrease

According to the graph, the number of smuggled firearms has shown a trend of gradual decrease in the previous two years and has since been kept at a relatively low level.

As can be seen from the second table, in the indicated period, the education system witnessed a gradual decrease in student enrolment rate in elementary education.

A reversal trend in the monetary stance led to a gradual decrease in interbank money-market rates, which had shot up in September 2008.

Internal migration shows a long-term gradual decrease in the amount of moving, especially over longer distances.

With increasing age, there was a gradual decrease in the difference in life expectancy between males and females.

However, along with the economic decline, there has been a gradual decrease in enrolment and completion rates.

In 2010 there was an increase to 1250, followed by a gradual decrease.

Total employment reached a turning point in 2000, when the gradual decrease in the number of workers that was taking place since 1997 came to a halt.

The differences in employment rates and rates of activity of men and women were still very high, although there was a trend of their gradual decrease.

However, since 1997, the institute has experienced a gradual decrease in its voluntary contributions, which, with the exception of the upturn in 2005, continued into the biennium 2006-2007.

Over the last 10 years, however, there was a gradual decrease in the number of reported cases, with no incidents involving major organized criminal groups in 2001 and 2002.

As indicated in the report, there has occurred a gradual decrease in the number of marriages.

progressive decrease

The general trend shown in the chart has been towards a progressive decrease of all types of violations.

The graph shows high dropout rates among indigenous children, especially girls, and a progressive decrease in the number of indigenous students in secondary and higher education in the country.

According to the table, as of 50 years of age, men  suffer from a progressive decrease in the masculine hormone testosterone.
Notwithstanding the progressive decrease in inflation, real interest rates remained relatively high until the third quarter.
In 2002, millions of monarch butterflies died as the result of an intense cold wave, in  addition to the progressive decrease in forest coverage.
There has been a progressive decrease of EU beef exports to ECOWAS countries from a level of 54 000 tonnes in 1991 to only 1600 tonnes in 2000.

steady decrease

This figure represents a steady decrease compared with 2010.
Recent years have seen a steady decrease in the number of refugees in the country.
There has been a steady decrease in contributions receivable to $66.6 million in 2006, from $79.8 million in 2005 and $84.2 million in 2004.
According to the graph, the country was able to sustain an average annual growth rate of 3.5 per cent and to ensure a steady decrease of inflation from 53 per cent in 1996 to 6 per cent in 1998.
There has been a steady decrease in the number of reported casualties worldwide since 2006, when the number of reported casualties was 6,022.
There had been a steady decrease in hunger and malnutrition, and a steady rise in the Human Development Index throughout the period.
In the following years, a steady decrease in the unemployment rate was recorded.
The turnover rate for internationally recruited staff members continued its pattern of steady decrease during the next decade.
In the last decade, there was a steady decrease in the number of death penalties handed down by the Russian courts.
In Oceania, there has been a steady decrease in the abuse of opioids since the late 1990s, coinciding with reduced availability of heroin in the region.
In 1990s, a steady decrease in the natural increase and birth rate was observed.
There was a steady decrease in kidnappings, with a significant decline of 45 per cent between 2001 and 2002.
There was a significant increase in subsidies following the January 2010 earthquake and a steady decrease since 2012.
There has been a steady decrease in the effective population growth rate, from 0.75% in 2002 to 0.17% in 2007.
Maternal mortality has demonstrated an irregular pattern over the years, but has shown a steady decrease since 2002, with a total of 119 maternal deaths per 100,000 live births.
Infant mortality saw a steady decrease from 1991 of 43/1000 to 1998 of 22.9/1000.
The epidemiological profile has shown a steady decrease in the prevalence of HIV, which has dropped from 6.5 per cent in 1993 to 2.2 per cent in 2007, with a marked trend towards the female population.
The chart indicates a steady decrease in pilgrims in absolute numbers for the whole of Tajikistan: from approximately 5,000 in 2004 to 4,072 in 2005 and to 3,450 individuals in 2006.
The graph shows that a slow but steady decrease in the proportion of girls has taken place: from 47.6 per cent in 1988 to 44.4 per cent in 1997-98 (-3.2 per cent).
After 1991, there was a steady decrease in the coefficient to 0.3624 in 1995, except for 1994, when the estimate was 0.3816.

 corresponding decrease

 The corresponding decrease in global demand translated into a 6.6 per cent global trade rate of growth in 2011.
It can be seen that for every additional year of maternal education Chilean women received, there was a corresponding decrease in the maternal mortality rate of 29.3 per 100,000 live births.
From 2000 to 2010, Slovakia was increasing its nuclear generating capacity with the corresponding decrease in use of fossil fuels.
The estimated production of opium fell by only 10 per cent, from 7,700 tons in 2008 to 6,900 tons in 2009, in spite of the corresponding decrease in the area under opium poppy cultivation of 22 per cent.
The corresponding decrease in the special-purpose funds of the crime programme fund is projected to be from $75.3 million to $48.4 million.
This was a decrease of 6.1 percent from the number of cases requiring assistance in the 1997-1998 fiscal year, and a corresponding decrease in expenditures of 6.1 percent.

 show/report a decrease

The data from the table show a decrease in the number of children harmed in criminal offences against person.
In comparison with 1996, these figures show a decrease in unemployment among Arubans and a large increase among the foreign-born.
The chart shows a decrease in the fatality and injury numbers of 30 to 40 per cent over the last 20 years,
In percentage terms, all regions showed a decrease of around 20 per cent.
The data on the number of police officers show a decrease over the next decade.
Statistics report a decrease in certain categories of crime, such as kidnappings throughout the period.

Готовимся к IELTS Graph Description: глагол “DECREASE”

Глагол “DECREASE” – оптимальные наречия (adverbs) для него и примеры предложений для IELTS Writing 1: Graph Description

Здравствуйте, ниже мы приводим наиболее широко употребляемые наречия с глаголом “decrease” при описании графиков и таблиц на IELTS Academic, а также примеры предложений с этими словосочетаниями.

decrease considerably

Since the end of September, these violations decreased considerably.

As the graph shows, the number of cases decreased considerably: there were 26 cases in 1994, a decrease of 53 per cent compared with the previous period (56 cases).

The number of acts of violence, though still prevalent, decreased considerably over the last 100 years.

As can be seen, after the correction of hospitalization rates, the geographical differences among the states decreased considerably.

The number decreased considerably in 2010 and then remained relatively stable up to 31 December 2011.

From 2000 to 2005, public spending on charity decreased considerably.

As is stated, requests for a departure from the normal procedures decreased considerably, from 15 in 1997 to 4 or 5 in 1998-1999.

Between 31 December 1977 and 31 December 1985, the population of the country decreased considerably, by 42,781 people.

In three coutries, lead air concentrations decreased considerably in the 1980s and early 1990s and continued to decline through the mid- and late 1990s, although at a slower rate.

The total cash resources of $1.56 billion in 2005 decreased considerably, by 37 per cent, to $1 billion in 2007.

As is clear from the visual, in the preceding 5 years unemployment had decreased considerably.

According to the childhood indicators, the child mortality rate had decreased considerably by the end of the century.

The emissions are expected to decrease considerably during the next 10 to 15 years.

The level of payments is projected to decrease considerably by the end of 2025.

Cold-related deaths are likely to decrease considerably over the next decade.

decrease dramatically

The size of sea-ice zones and the length of their margins are likely to decrease dramatically with climate warming within the next 10 years.

The household savings rate are going to decrease dramatically over the next 50 years.

As the graph shows, expectations are that the share of debt relief in the future will decrease dramatically.

In the second half of the year car sales began to decrease dramatically.

According to the visual, the number of unvaccinated children in the region is going to decrease dramatically in the near future.

Lending by the largest international financial institutions decreased dramatically over the same period.

This was a period when commodity prices decreased dramatically and the growth in volume terms was also higher.

Since that moment, the fish catch has decreased dramatically over the years of closure.

It seems clear that donor support for family planning has decreased dramatically.

The perception of anti-social behaviour had decreased dramatically between 2003 and 2006.

The poverty gap ratio has also decreased dramatically to 9% from the previous 45%.

As is shown, the number of new cases of HIV and hepatitis infection has also decreased dramatically within the 5 year period.

Demand for short-term credit by small businesses had decreased dramatically, in greater proportion than for larger enterprises.

decrease drastically

At the same time, licence revenue derived from foreign fishing vessels has decreased drastically over the past few years.

As can be seen from the chart, the use of chlordane decreased drastically in the 1970s.

The overall fertility rate, in 2000s estimated at 2.3 children per woman, decreased drastically from the level of 6.2 observed in the mid-70s.

During 1993-1994, per capita income decreased drastically compared to the period 1900-1992.

Since the 1980s, the numbers of the population in abject poverty in Asia has decreased drastically.

The labor costsrelated to the irrigation are likely to decrease drastically over the next decade.

It is expected that the number of scholarships will decrease drastically during the next biennium.

decrease markedly

It is predicted that the European population will decrease markedly as a percentage of the total population in the next 25 years.

Pupils’ dropout level has decreased markedly since 2000.

Production and trade in livestock have decreased markedly since 1967.

As the graph shows, child and maternal mortality had decreased markedly, and as at 2006, 98 per cent of children had been vaccinated against measles.

Prices of some commodities decreased markedly from 1998 to 2000 but recovered in 2001-2002.

The overall vacancy rate has decreased markedly, from 21.7 per cent to 16.9 per cent, but an excessive proportion of vacancies persists in the Interpretation Section.

According to the visual, the share of respondents being negative to the toll ring decreased markedly from 72 per cent before to 48 per cent after the system was introduced.

The rate of infant mortality in Italy has decreased very markedly since the beginning of the century.

decrease significantly

The level of debt to Member States is projected to decrease significantly to $500 million at the end of 2020, compared with the level of $810 million at the end of 2015.

In particular, in 2010 enrolment rates in educational institutions continued to decrease significantly, particularly among girls.

As is illustrated, rates of maternal and child mortality are currently continuing to decrease significantly in rural and remote areas.

It is predicted that these figures will decrease significantly within the next 3 years.

It is clear that water temperatures decrease significantly with depth and, cooler, denser water moves more slowly.

By 2010, for the first time in many years, the level of violence had begun to decrease significantly.

After World War II, the number of German people decreased significantly.

During the previous decade, drug abuse in several developed countries has stabilized or decreased significantly, while increasing in developing countries.

it is noteworthy that attrition within the National Civil Order Police decreased significantly from February 2010.

Globally, from 2011 to 2014, economic growth decreased significantly.

The length of time needed for the finalization of reports decreased significantly in 2001, averaging 6.5 weeks.

decrease slightly

According to the graph, the price of the beacons might be expected to decrease slightly during the next 5 years.

The overall growth of production is projected to decrease slightly.

The initial budget for the region is expected to decrease slightly, from $17.0 million to $15.5 million.

The number of victims of trafficking registered in the country has started to decrease slightly since 2015.

The income for the general-purpose fund is projected to decrease slightly by $0.5 million, from $12.9 million to $12.4 million.

The number of refugees continued to decrease slightly, from 2.9 million at the end of 2003 to 2.8 million at the end of 2004.

The proportion decreased slightly in 2012, from 4.1% of total delivery to 3.5%.

Relative coverage decreased slightly, from 44% to 43%, to a total of 210 million people in 2000.

Emissions decreased slightly between 1980 (588 kt) and 1995 (514 kt).

That figure decreased slightly, however, between 2002 and 2003 for both women and the overall population.

As indicated in the graph, the representation of women at this level has also decreased slightly.

Meanwhile, neonatal mortality decreased slightly from 20 to 19 per 1,000 life births in 2000.

Although the number of accidents remained high, it had decreased slightly in recent years.

Total global carbon emissions decreased slightly in 2009 from 30.2 billion metric tons in 2008.

decrease rapidly

Dissolved organic carbon and organic nitrogen appear to decrease very rapidly at the outset.

The ratio of under-one mortality rate decreased rather rapidly, from 44.4 per cent from 1990 to 15 per cent in 2009, only 0.2 per cent higher than the indicator in 2015.

As is shown, since 1988 production has fallen drastically, personal incomes have decreased rapidly and unemployment has increased sharply.

Deposition rates appear to have decreased rapidly since the early 1980s.

The household ratio among ethnic minorities has decreased rapidly by an average of 3-5% per year.

Lead emissions decreased rapidly in the 1990s from the level of 326,000 tonnes in 1990 to 35,000 tonnes in 1996, an 89% reduction.

decrease steadily

Inflation and unemployment rates stabilized and began to decrease steadily, while growth rates were in the 2.6% range.

The percentage of non-citizens continued to decrease steadily and stood at 14.5 per cent as compared to 29 per cent in 1995.

The roughly 5.6 million job opportunities which were available in 1991 for workers without qualification, is projected to decrease steadily and amount to not more than 2.7 or 2.8 million by the year 2010.

Whereas some 120,000 Palestinians worked in Israel before 1988, this number decreased steadily to under 50,000 by 1994.

After 2006, the amount of morphine seized in Pakistan decreased steadily to slightly less than 2 tons in 2009.

Since 1991, the number of workers engaged in agriculture, forestry and fishery has decreased steadily.

Average tariffs levied by developed countries on agricultural commodities decreased steadily from 4% in 1996 to 2.8% in 2006.

The percentage of P-2 staff promoted annually to the P-3 level decreased steadily between 1998 and 2003, from about 18% to 12%.

Funding for basic research activities decreased steadily from 1995 to 2001, from 18% to 8%, but increased to 10% in 2002.

decrease gradually

The rate of project income decreased gradually, from 7.8% in 2000 to 6.7% in 2005.

Heroin seizures in Central Asia decreased gradually by approximately one fifth over the period 2004-2008, amounting to 7.39 tons in 2007 and 7.26 tons in 2008.

Since then, unemployment decreased gradually until 2001.

Overall, the total number of teachers has increased and the student-teacher ratio has decreased gradually.


decrease in number/value/size

Road transport accidents with personal injury decreased in number by about 27% in the period 1990 to 1998.

A small reduction can be observed in 2005, when the poor decreased in number to 35.1 million people.

Since 1988, level crossing accidents have decreased in number from some 100% to approximately 30%.

Polygamous marriages decreased in number from 904 in 2004 to 841 in 2005, a 6.97% decline.

According to the table, the actual population of Armenia has decreased in size over the next five years.


decrease by …%/units/tonnes/people etc.


decrease fromto … 


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Готовимся к IELTS Graph Description: глагол “INCREASE”

Глагол INCREASE – с какими наречиями он дружит при описании графиков на IELTS Academic.

Чтобы описать график, таблицу, диаграмму на IELTS Writing 1 (Graph Description), нужно, как вы помните, использовать особый, специфический язык – язык академического описания. Этому стилю присуще использование определенного набора глаголов, существительных, прилагательных и наречий, а также их сочетаний.

Если говорить о глаголах, то, пожалуй, одним из самых часто употребляемых при описании графиков на тесте IELTS Academic является глагол “increase”. Конечно, существует также и существительное “increase”, но о нем речь пойдет в отдельной статье.

Итак, вот самые основные словосочетания с глаголом “increase”, которые пригодятся нам при описании графиков и таблиц.

В значении “возрастать/увеличиваться значительно/сильно и т.п.”:

increase considerably

Biomass electricity generation had increased considerably by 2010.

Earnings in business increased considerably above the level of the previous year.

The roaming traffic increased considerably in summer 2017 compared to summer 2016.

increase dramatically

With much snow and ice, taxi time has increased dramatically.

The report states that the gap between the rich and the poor has increased dramatically over the past decade.

By 1939, the demand for consumer goods had increased dramatically.

The area classed as in hand in 1770 was just over 860 acres but in 1774 increased dramatically to 1,425 acres.

increase enormously

The President’s popularity has increased enormously in the preceding months.

increase greatly

Life expectancy in Europe has increased greatly in the 20th century.

Small fish is likely to increase greatly in numbers in 2030.

increase significantly

The financial requirements for the Defence Section are projected to increase significantly over the same period.

With increasing population, the numbers of youth living in poverty is likely to increase significantly over the next decade.

increase substantially

The number increased substantially in January and February.

The country expects industrial production to triple by 2020, compared with 2010, and labour productivity also to increase substantially.

Online sales in Europe increased substantially in the period 2005-2010.

В значении “возрастать/увеличиваться слегка, незначительно”:

increase slightly

Pending home sales increased slightly in March.

Year-over-year, the PHSI index increased slightly by 0.3%.

The indicator increased slightly to 107.6 in March from a downwardly revised 107.2 in February.

В значении “возрастать/увеличиваться постепенно”:

increase gradually

According to the visual, the State consolidated budget is expected to increase gradually until it reaches by 2010, 6 per cent of gross domestic product.

Small and medium enterprises budgets increased gradually over the five-year period, from US$ 20 million in 1999 to US$ 79 million in 2004.

Beginning with July 1, pension on insurance is projected to increase gradually for 6 months each year, from 30 to 35 years for both women and men.

В значении “возрастать/увеличиваться резко”:

increase rapidly

Wastewater use on crops is predicted to increase rapidly over the next decade.

As is shown, the demand for energy around the world continued to increase rapidly from 1930 to 1980.

increase sharply

The demand for oversight activities is bound to increase sharply within the short-term.

As the graph shows, transport of goods in China increased sharply in 2000 in line with strong economic growth.

While this trend is positive, the index is projected to increase sharply to keep pace with the forecasted number of retirements over the next few years.

It was in the late 1980s that the number of science graduates began to increase sharply.

increase steeply

The ERP increased even more steeply in Malaysia, from 16 to 44 per cent.

As is shown, labour income increases steeply after age 15, tends to plateau over the working ages and declines considerably after age 60, becoming low in most countries after age 70.

В значении “возрастать/увеличиваться в .. раз”:

increase twofold

increase threefold …

Example: Company’s sales increased almost fourfold in this period.

The number of fellowships implemented increased almost twofold compared to the previous year.

В значении “ожидается, что … возрастет”, “похоже, что … возрастет”:

be expected to increase

be likely to increase

Example: Demand is expected to increase over the next decade.

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Учимся писать красивое эссе на английском – часть 13

Привет, продолжаем учиться заимствовать красивые collocations у знаменитого Артура Конана Дойля и его новелл о Шерлоке Холмсе. Сегодняшний отрывок я взял из рассказа “The Second Stain”. Мы, как всегда, вначале читаем внимательно отрывок, особенно медленно и вдумчиво вчитываясь в выделенные словосочетания, которые затем мы будем пробовать использовать в наших собственных предложениях.

I HAD intended “The Adventure of the Abbey Grange” to be the last of those exploits of my friend, Mr. Sherlock Holmes, which I should ever communicate to the public. This resolution of mine was not due to any lack of material, since I have notes of many hundreds of cases to which I have never alluded, nor was it caused by any waning interest on the part of my readers in the singular personality and unique methods of this remarkable man. The real reason lay in the reluctance which Mr. Holmes has shown to the continued publication of his experiences. So long as he was in actual professional practice the records of his successes were of some practical value to him, but since he has definitely retired from London and betaken himself to study and bee-farming on the Sussex Downs, notoriety has become hateful to him, and he has peremptorily requested that his wishes in this matter should be strictly observed. It was only upon my representing to him that I had given a promise that “The Adventure of the Second Stain” should be published when the times were ripe, and pointing out to him that it is only appropriate that this long series of episodes should culminate in the most important international case which he has ever been called upon to handle, that I at last succeeded in obtaining his consent that a carefully guarded account of the incident should at last be laid before the public. If in telling the story I seem to be somewhat vague in certain details, the public will readily understand that there is an excellent reason for my reticence.

Теперь выносим выделенные словосочетания отдельным списком. Зеленым цветом отмечены те элементы фраз, которые проще всего изменить для соответствия теме нашего сочинения на английском.


1. communicate to the public

2. was it caused by any waning interest on the part of my readers

3. the singular personality and unique methods of this remarkable man

4. notoriety has become hateful to him

5. he has peremptorily requested that…

6. case which he has ever been called upon to handle

7. I at last succeeded in obtaining his consent

8. there is an excellent reason for my reticence


В этот раз зеленых “словечек” немного – все эти вышеприведенные фразы просятся к использованию целиком – настолько они самодостаточны и гармоничны.

Теперь переводим наши collocations, и сочиняем хотя бы по одному собственному предложению с ними – это поможет нам лучше запомнить красивые словосочетания.


1. communicate to the public – сообщать общественности; предавать огласке

The government was reluctant to communicate the latest grave news to the public.

2. was it caused by any waning interest on the part of my readers – это было вызвано уменьшением интереса со стороны читателей

A drop in sales of the book was caused by the waning interest on the part of his readers.

3. the singular personality and unique methods of this remarkable man – уникальная личность и методы (работы) этого выдающегося человека

4. notoriety has become hateful to him – известность стала ему чуждой

After years of distinguished success and lots of money, notoriety has become hateful to him, and he retired to the country.

5. he has peremptorily requested that… – он беспрекословно потребовал, чтобы…

The witness agreed to testify in the inquiry, peremptorily requesting that his identity remained anonimous.

6. case which he has ever been called upon to handle – случай, который ему когда-либо приходилось решать (разбирать)

The new manager daced the singular case in the company which he has ever been called upon to handle.

7. I at last succeeded in obtaining his consent – мне в конце концов удалось получить его согласие

Several times in a row I failed to see her out, but at last I succeeded in obtaining her consent to go out with me that night.

8. there is an excellent reason for my reticence – существует очень веская причина для моего молчания (немногословности)

He is a medical doctor, so there is an exvcellent reason for his reticence concerning the affairs of his patients.


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Учимся писать красивое эссе на английском – часть 12

Нужен профессиональный репетитор по подготовке к тестам TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, ACT, GMAT, GRE, CPE, TOEIC? – Обращайтесь, я помогу вам сдать тесты английского на высокий балл.

Привет, друзья, продолжаем вежливо заимствовать красивейшие словосочетания для наших эссе на английском у Артура Конана Дойля – я думаю, этому гениальному писателю было бы приятно знать, что мы уважаем его творчество и даже пытаемся, хоть и неуклюже, копировать его элементы!:)) Сегодня расссмотрим отрывок из новеллы The Golden Pince-Nez, где удивительно талантливый Шерлок Холмс, как всегда, блестяще выстраивает свои логические цепочки.

Нас интересуют в первую очередь красивые словосочетания на английском (они же collocations), которые мы можем запомнить и включать в свое эссе на английском, придавая ему характер истинности, чисто английского письма. Если вы научитесь правильно заимствовать collocations у великих англоязычных авторов – быть вашим эссе на тестах английского просто великолепными! Вообще, кто любит много читать на английском, хорошо пишет сочинения на английском – такова закономерность.

Итак, читаем отрывок и особенно тщательно рассматриваем выделенные collocations.

The astonished detective read the note aloud. It ran as follows:

“Wanted, a woman of good address, attired like a lady. She has a remarkably thick nose, with eyes which are set close upon either side of it. She has a puckered forehead, a peering expression, and probably rounded shoulders. There are indications that she has had recourse to an optician at least twice during the last few months. As her glasses are of remarkable strength, and as opticians are not very numerous, there should be no difficulty in tracing her.”
Holmes smiled at the astonishment of Hopkins, which must have been reflected upon my features.
“Surely my deductions are simplicity itself,” said he. “It would be difficult to name any articles which afford a finer field for inference than a pair of glasses, especially so remarkable a pair as these. That they belong to a woman I infer from their delicacy, and also, of course, from the last words of the dying man. As to her being a person of refinement and well dressed, they are, as you perceive, handsomely mounted in solid gold, and it is inconceivable that anyone who wore such glasses could be slatternly in other respects. You will find that the clips are too wide for your nose, showing that the lady’s nose was very broad at the base. This sort of nose is usually a short and coarse one, but there is a sufficient number of exceptions to prevent me from being dogmatic or from insisting upon this point in my description. My own face is a narrow one, and yet I find that I cannot get my eyes into the centre, nor near the centre, of these glasses. Therefore, the lady’s eyes are set very near to the sides of the nose. You will perceive, Watson, that the glasses are concave and of unusual strength. A lady whose vision has been so extremely contracted all her life is sure to have the physical characteristics of such vision, which are seen in the forehead, the eyelids, and the shoulders.”

Теперь выносим выбранные collocations отдельным списком. Зеленым цветом я выделяю те элементы фраз, которые проще всего заменить для соответствия теме нашего эссе. Иногда этих зеленых слов совсем немного – это значит, я рекомендую вам использовать английское словосочетание (да хоть и целое маленькое предложение) полностью – настолько уж оно целостное и гармоничное.


1. She has a remarkably thick nose, with eyes which are set close upon either side of it

2. a puckered forehead, a peering expression, and probably rounded shoulders

3. she has had recourse to an optician at least twice during the last few months

4. which must have been reflected upon my features

5. any articles which afford a finer field for inference than a pair of glasses

6. As to her being a person of refinement and well dressed

7. it is inconceivable that anyone who wore such glasses could be slatternly in other respects

8. there is a sufficient number of exceptions to prevent me from being dogmatic

9. from insisting upon this point in my description

10. A lady whose vision has been so extremely contracted all her life

Теперь я даю перевод collocations и привожу по одному примеру предложений с этими словосочетаниями. Вы, в свою очередь, придумайте свои предложения и прочтите эту статью несколько раз – тогда английские словосочетания прочно запечатлеются в вашей памяти.

1. She has a remarkably thick nose, with eyes which are set close upon either side of it – у нее заметно широкий нос и близко расположенные к носу глаза.

I always wondered why he was dating that girl who had a remarkably thick nose, with eyes which were set close upon either side of it.

2. a puckered forehead, a peering expression, and probably rounded shoulders – лоб в морщинах, пристальный взгляд и (возможно) округлые (сутулые) плечи

My grandpa had a puckered forehead, a peering expression and rounded shoulders.

3. she has had recourse to an optician at least twice during the last few months – ей пришлось вновь обращаться к окулисту минимум дважды за последние несколько месяцев

Because of eye problems, she has had recourse to an optician at least twice during the last few months.

4. which must have been reflected upon my features – которое, наверное, отражалось в моем выражении лица

He instantly recognised fear which must have been reflected upon my features.

5. any articles which afford a finer field for inference than a pair of glasses – какой-либо предмет, который давал бы больше возможностей для умозаключений, чем пара очков

The detective believed that there were hardly any articles which afford a finer field for inference than a pair of glasses.

6. As to her being a person of refinement and well dressed – насчет того, что она была изысканным человеком и со вкусом одетым

Her photos left no doubts as to her being a person of refinement and well dressed.

7. it is inconceivable that anyone who wore such glasses could be slatternly in other respects – было просто непостижимым, чтобы кто-то, носящий такие очки, был неопрятным в других отношениях.

Having seeing her car, we decided that it was inconceivable that anyone who drove such a beauty could be slatternly in other respects.

8. there is a sufficient number of exceptions to prevent me from being dogmatic – существует достаточное количество исключений, которые не позволяют мне быть категоричным

The professor said that there were a sufficient number of exceptions to prevent him from being dogmatic about his theory.

9. from insisting upon this point in my description – от того, чтобы настаивать именно на этом пункте в моем описании

To soothe her feelings, I had to refrain from insisting upon this point in my description.

10. A lady whose vision has been so extremely contracted all her life – женщина, чье зрение было так сильно ослаблено на протяжении всей ее жизни

My classmate was a poor girl whose vision had been so extremely contracted all her life, thus she had to wear strong glasses.

Красивого вам английского эссе во всей его красе!:))

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